Mar 28, 2013

Artemis AC45 Foiling Vid

All already being said about this in previous posts, so I just will tell them: Welcome to the Club!.

Best thing is how they made the foils, they are like a chopped straight dagger joined in angles to form a similar shape used by ETNZ and then Oracle.
It is a great solution for beachcats. Yesterday Ralph Moolenaar told me he wanted to do some CFD tests for a foiling system. The tooling to make this board is pretty 'simple', you don´t need one, although some kind of support for joining sections (edit: check at 1:00, they have a mold for the horizontal section) and excellent carbon/epoxy workmanship are needed. Whichever the case they look more stable than a standard 'L' foil, and you could transform your current dagger into something pretty similar due to the angular shape.

Just one final remark: Best simulating soft around, some of the best designers in the bussines and they end flying with a 'home made' 'copy-paste' solution! This is just great to remind that actual real life testing might never be replaced. Empirical approachs are yet to be surpassed to achieve x final goal or solution.

Now Nathan and the sailing team have something to work with, and still much to come...

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