Mar 19, 2013

AC72: Finally an official video of Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa made the best design deal with ENTZ but they don´t talk/show too much of their work compared with the other teams, and I think is the right approach for them. They also have an excellent team including Chris Draper. Chris has shown he is capable of race one on one with the best of them in the AC45 Series and has a 'send it' drive style a la Outteridge, both coming from the 49er camp.

Luna Rossa / Prada are surely the Dark Horses of this ACup. Artemis is way behind in every aspect and I think only a Pope Francis miracle can help Argie Juan K at the moment...

Polls to the right shows ETNZ as clear favorite, but I would say Luna Rossa will turn some heads in the LV Cup. 
- Artemis Racing   20 (7%)
- Emirates Team New Zealand 223 (86%)
- Luna Rossa Challenge  15 (5%)

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