Feb 19, 2013

Olympic Campaign: Newberry-Casey 'sending' the N17

Best video so far on the Nacra 17. Sarah Newberry & John Casey are already a strong team on their joined ability and experience. Interesting on John comments on the weight placement, as the boat looks quite sensitive and powerfull with its weight ratio using the same rig of an F18 plus curved boards. 
Maybe for 2020 we will see Landy's rudder winglets to stabilize downwind overpowered lift flights and L foils? By then all ACup development will be pretty amazing with what we are seeing right now.

Sarah had a great start at Long Beach F18 Worlds with 1 & 2, and John is an F18 'veteran' with plenty of experience in Catracing in Europe & USA. Sarah & John won the first official N17 event in Miami, with Carranza-Blando excellent F18 win at Mar del Plata, I think the level of Mixed racing will be quite high and the female helm is going to be key, I hope they can race in the F18 events too, I think we might have some surprises in the class with these strong contenders for Rio.
Check Newberry-Casey website at facebook.com/NewberryCasey2016 & www.usamultihull2016.com/

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