Feb 17, 2013

Darren Bundock on AC Youth Week #1: 'Wish I was 20 again'

I contacted Darren Bundock to see how the RBYAC week one went, he was really happy on the teams level and his work in this program. Funny when he told me he wish he was 20 again as I wrote in the last post. And this coming from a sailor with his crowns & experience, this AC edition included. That phrase was an eyeopener for what is going on right now with these young sailors at San Francisco. 

The work being done by Darren and the rest of the people involved is a truly great long lasting legacy for the sport, as next generation of Cat & ACup sailors is already granted.  Image Balaz Gardi.

Darren Bundock on Week #1:
"If only I was 20 again! I am really enjoying doing this as the reaction from the young guys is incredible. They are all grinning from ear to ear every day and learning so much, so keen and wanting to know everything. There is some talent here and they are not shy at pushing the boats.

We have been so lucky so far with the weather. The wind this time of year is very unreliable but except being postponed yesterday until the breeze filled in its been perfect. We have managed 12 good races in 2 days. 6 more planned today.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the level. It's high. We initially had set a 15 knot upper wind strength but even on day 2 we had 18knots and we made the call that they were ready for it.

I think the training and the playbooks we go through on the first day sets the base and fast track the learning curve.

It's a long and intense week but they are having a great time. I'm amazed.
It's a amazing period for multihull sailing. As I started 'wish I was 20 again'.

Bundy teaching how to avoid capsizing: Image Danish Vikings

Second week for the AC Youth, teams listed below. Argentina has a super talented team coming from the 29er & 420 fleet like Pablo Volker that is 420 World Champ with another team member, Mateo Madjalani, and of course almost all of them have racing F18 the past year, as Nico Aragones, the only double Arg F18 champ.
They been training this past week on an X40, tomorrow they will start official RBYAC training to race in the 45s.

Week #1 showed how competitive all these young teams were. Just looking how Aus ended it is a good proof.
Week two is going to be a great and tough week for them.

Below a report from the last minute and second entry from New Zealand supported by Mike Drummond: '36 Below Racing' sent by Ray Steele
"Thanks for covering the first week of the RBYAC selection trials – hard to get quick updates from other sources. Here is the link to the 11th hour entry ,36 Below Racing from New Zealand, they will take part on the 2nd week selection.

36 Below Racing Team members are: Skipper Chris Steele (20), David Hazard (21), Marcus Hansen (20), Jay Prestt (21), Finn Drummond (21), Josh Porebski (21) and 19 year olds Logan Dunning Beck & Harry Hull standing by as reserves ready to step in. 

All of them have represented their clubs & country successfully in many local and international sailing regattas and they all share a deep passion for sailing. Already amongst the team, they have accumulated World Championships and National titles, accolades such as New Zealand Yachting Young Sailor of the Year Awards as well as winning many Regattas. Some of the sailors are working towards the Olympics and some all ready featuring well on the Match Yacht racing circuit as well as furthering their studies.

Last minute opportunity, less than 10 days to get themselves prepped and over there, so funded completely by team effort and family/friends. The team raring to go and excited. Regular updates on their site and twitter.
Mike Drummond sends his greetings, he has been awesome helping these guys over past few days.

SELECTION SERIES 2 (Feb. 18-24) 

AC Youth FB Page --  Official Website
ARG - Arg Youth Team
ITA - Team-Italy powered by Stig
GBR - GBR Youth Challenge
NZL - 36 Below Racing Youth Americas Cup Quest
POR - ROFF Cascais Sailing Team


 Country: Argentina
Team: Arg Youth Team
Yacht Club: Club Náutico San Isidro/Yacht Club Argentino
Crew: Skipper – Pablo Völker (21, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Tactician – Gastón Terrab (21, Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Trimmers – Agustín Cunill (21, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Nicolás Chometowski (22, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Bowmen – Nicolás Blas Aragonés (21, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Juan Martin Benitez (20, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Floaters – Mateo Majdalani (18, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Pedro Kocourek (21, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Country: Great Britain
Team: GBR Youth Challenge
Yacht Club: TBC
Crew: Skipper – James French (20, Newbridge, Isle of Wight, Great Britain)
Tactician – Adam Piggott (23, Southampton, Great Britain)
Trimmer – Tom Forrester-Coles (22, Chester, Great Britain)
Bowman – Peter Austin (20, Sai Kung, Hong Kong)
Floaters – Trystan Seal (21, Aberaeron, Great Britain), Adam Lees (23, Huddersfield, Great Britain)

Country: Italy
Team: Team Italy powered by Stig
Yacht Club: Yacht Club Marina Loano
Crew: Helmsman – Sivitz Kosuta (21, Trieste, Italy)
Runner – Martino Tortarolo (22, Celle Ligure, Italy)
Wing sail trimmer – Giovanni Coccoluto (19, Trieste, Italy)
Floater – Filippo la Mantia (22, Palermo, Italy)
Trimmer – Jas Farneti (21, Zgonicco, Italy)
Bowman – Francesco Marrai (20, Livorno, Italy)
Reserve crew – Alessandro Siviero (22, Goro, Fe, Italy) and Matteo Ferraglia (23, Arco, Trento, Italy)

Country: New Zealand
Team: 36 Below Racing
Yacht Club: Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
Crew: Skipper – Chris Steele (20, Auckland, New Zealand)
Wing sail trimmer – Josh Porebski (20, Wellington, New Zealand)
Tactician – Marcus Hansen (20, Whangarei, New Zealand)
Trimmer – Finn Drummond (21, Auckland, New Zealand)
Floater – David Hazard (21, Auckland, New Zealand)
Bowman – Jay Prestt (21, Kerikeri, New Zealand)
Reserves – Logan Dunning Beck, Harry Hull

Country: Portugal

Team: ROFF/Cascais Sailing Team
Yacht Club: Naval Club of Cascais
Crew: Skipper – Bernardo Freitas (22, Cascais, Portugal)
Tactician – António Mello (23, Lisbon, Portugal)
Trimmer – Ricardo Schedel (23, Sintra, Portugal)
Bowman – João Matos Rosa (21, Lisbon, Portugal)
Floaters – João Maria de Mello (Lisbon, Portugal), Manuel Arriaga e Cunha (22, Lisbon, Portugal), Paulo Manso

Country: Switzerland
Team: Team Tilt
Yacht Club: Société Nautique de Genève (SNG)
Crew: Skipper – Lucien Cujean (23, Versoix, Switzerland)
Tactician – Jocelyn Keller (18, Konolfingen, BE, Switzerland)
Trimmer – Thomas Mermod (23, Buchillon, Switzerland), Jérémy Bachelin (19, Eclépens, Switzerland)
Bowmen – Romain Meyer (20, Geneva, Switzerland), Mikis Psarofaghis (22, Geneva, Switzerland)
Floater – Lionel Vaucher (22, Bern, Switzerland), Jonas Schagen (23, Geneva, Switzerland)

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