Jan 2, 2013

New D3 A-Class: CFD Tests

Now that the branding issues are solved. We can identify Dominik Scheurer & Gonzalo Redondo new A-Class project as the "D3", More info at  D3Scheurer-Design-Eng . Gonzalo, that worked in Artemis till months ago, has founded his own CFD services company, D3 Applied Tehcnologies, and he is using his recent acquired cluster server to test their new A-Class design. 

I see WInglets on the rudders, that are becoming standard on the As. D3 Comments on this CFD render : "So far 3 new board configurations have been tested and 2 more to run today. In order to make sure we are designing an all-around boat, we test them at all range of boat speeds on a free to trim and sink, fully appended set-up. Results so far are promising showing similar performance upwind and about 3.5% better performance downwind than the previous generation boards. We will continue refining them for another week. After that, we will carry on a fully appended hull research with the final dagger-board."

fb video