Jan 29, 2013

Nacra 17: Olympic new Cylcle has officially began at Miami OCR

Images: Miami OCR. After a great setback post Beijing where the Tornados had their last Olympic appearance, Miami OCR 2013 can be put as a great milestone in Multis Olympic history. 5 boats from USA, 1 for PUR and CAN.
All boats equipped with Alu mast until further notice. Beyond that Gunnar's projected numbers are likely to be quite certain, 5 boats for USA being mixed class it is a good sign. Of course this is not 'free' for other classes, but well, everyone played their cards already and the long term results and decisions taken can be analyzed for Rio 2016 as well as Nacra work.

Argentina has already confirmed and payed 3 Nacra 17s. With
- Cecilia Carranza (8th Laser Beijing) / Esteban Blando (2011 Arg F18 Champ / ex Tornado Sailor)
- Lucas Gonzalez Smith (F18 & H16 Panamerican , ex Laser rep for Arg) & Moira Gonzalez Smith
- Iriña Piñeryua - Franco Greggi (Local top 29er sailors)

In the meantime, it seems some crews are still taming the N17 judging for the photos, an upwind hard pitch is not that common at this level, together with the 90° we have seen  the Nacra 17 can be labeled as challenging boat.

Sarah Newberry & John Casey lead. It seems Quique Figueroa will also campaign, and watch out with Taylor Reiss for the US selection.

Miami OCR website http://mocr.ussailing.org/

1 USA 31 NEWBERRY, Sarah CASEY, John [3] 1 1 1
2 USA 38 STREATER, Sarah WHITEHEAD, Matthew 1 [4] 1 2
3 PUR 29 FIGUEROA, Enrique MALATRASI, Carla [4] 2 2 3
4 USA 23 REISS, Taylor LIHAN, Sarah 2 [6] 2 4
5 USA 42 TARTAGLINO, Sandra FARRAR, Jonathan [5] 4 4 5
6 USA 25 BERGAN, Lindsay BERGAN, Dalton [8] 5 5 6
7 CAN 30 RAMSAY, Luke GIRKE, Nikola 6 [7] 6 7

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