Jan 28, 2013

F18 Australian Nats 2013: Waterhouse-Goodall Champs

Jason Waterhouse & Brett Goodall  were crowned 2013 F18 Australian Champs. No racing today so Final results remain as published yesterday  At LA they were having a good event being 9th in the finals, when they suffered a direct hit by an argie boat with no right in the start, it was really a shameless situation as they could have delivered a top 5.
This time they could manage the harsh conditions, although Steve Brewin was hit by the Oman team on the practice day, to crown themselves as the Nr1 Aussie crew on their C2.

Good to see Australia having 3 local made competitive F18s (AHPC C2, Windrush Edge, PSA Capricorn), with Brett Burvill & Ryan Duffiel ending 2nd with their Edge, plus the excellent performance of the Youth Italian team member Mateo Ferraglia with  Lorenzo Bianchini, also on a Windrush/Ullman.

Below final report by Mark Rothfield

Report & Images by Mark Rothfield - Final Results here
"Lashing rain and a looming gale extinguished any hope of holding further racing on the final day of the 2013 Australian F18 National Championships at Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club, Lake Macquarie.
As flood waters rose around New South Wales, it left the appropriately named Jason Waterhouse and his crewman Brett Goodall with their second consecutive national title, following an emphatic performance in the five races staged over the weekend.
Carrying a third placing as their drop they finished on just six points, comfortably ahead of the WA combination of Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield (14 pts) and Adam Beattie/Jamie Leitner (15 pts) who were representing Victoria.

‘This event was probably tougher than last year’s and the finishes were a lot more diverse, so we’re really happy to come away with the win,’ Waterhouse said. ‘It was a very quick boat – we want to pack it up and take it to the Worlds in Italy in July. I’m begging them not to sell it.’
Brett Goodall, whose father Greg designed the C2 they were sailing, was philosophical about not getting more racing in. ‘We would’ve liked to get on the water. We came here for three day’s racing and no matter what today gave us we were confident we could get some more good results,’ he said.

‘I’m absolutely looking forward to the Worlds now. Jason has a full schedule with the America’s Cup but we’ll look at doing some training and pre-events in Holland. It’s always an unknown as to how we’ll go until the European season starts and you see who’s going quick.’

Their boat was assembled for the first time on the Tuesday prior to the event, with Race 1 being its first competition. They won that race with no jib luff tension, after a shackle parted.
They accepted the trophy from the event sponsor, former Australian rugby league legend John Cootes, who is a passionate catamaran sailor despite being aged in his late 70s.

For Brett Burvill, builder of the Windrush Edge, the second placing justified a 40-hour haul across from Perth with five boats stashed inside a trailer … pausing only for refuelling and a hamburger.

‘We were a bit unlucky with the weather but we all had the same conditions out there, so it was fair sailing,’ Burvill said. ‘I was disappointed that we didn’t win any races but we only finished the boats last Sunday and had never seen the sails before.
‘It would be nice to have come here prepared and given Jason and Brett a better run for their money, but full credit to them – they sailed really well.’

While content with his third placing, Adam Beattie was left to rue a spectacular pitchpole while leading Race 3. ‘It proved costly when there are only five races, but it was one of those things that can happen when it’s windy,’ he said. ‘We were in survival mode and came around the mark – next thing we were flying through the air.
‘We were leading in Race 4 as well but didn’t pick the right gusts going downwind and ended up letting quite a few boats through. Still, it was good to sail with Jamie again for the first time in a year … We’re off to the Nacra Worlds now, providing the roads are open, and we’ll see how we go there.’

In the hotly contested State trophy, the three-boat Queensland team took the honours from Western Australia and Victoria, with NSW last.
“All in all it was good series, and the best sailors won the event,’ class president Kyle Amadio said. ‘The pleasing thing is that 38 boats competed – five years ago there were only 10 boats sailing, so we’ve built the fleet up really well.

‘We have lots of people with different skill levels, from the hotshot guys to beginners, but everyone gets in and helps. There’s great camaraderie and friendship.’"

Mark Rothfield

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