Dec 27, 2012

CSN Poll: Catsailor of the Year

I was about to defined a fixed winner, but it was a tough decision, better make a poll to decide the 2012 Catsailor of the Year. Poll Link at  CSN FB as other polls permits double votes.--------------

- Carolijn Brouwer . Just one of the best catsailors... gender apart. After an excellent 2011 Worlds where she had chances for the title and finished 4th with Wouter Samama, Carolijn went to win the 2012 Round Texel , historic win for sure. I put her as candidate for the 2012 F8 Worlds, she lead first stage but lack of training on being mom hurt her chances on the breeze. Before the Olympic Trials Carolijn also swept the competition in bigger boats on her Viper on previous events. Still to be defined if she will campaign for Rio, Carolijn consolidated herself in 2012 as part of the Catracing Elite. Photo: Laurens Morel

- Olivier Backes: 2010 F8 World Champ with Arnaud Jarlegan, couldn´t participate in 2011 Worlds due to job commitments, but he came back on December 2011 to win the '2012' Europeans at Canaria with Arnaud.
As Jarlegan went to the AC45s series with Energy Team, and Olivier joined forces with Matthew Vandame. Aiming to LA Worlds, they won the Eurocat 2012. At Long Beach on a tight competitive event , Olivier was the most consistent in any condition,  grabbing his 2nd F18 World Title against the top notch crews just like Erquy 2010, this time racing with Matthew Vandame. Olivier will also campaign for Rio with his wife, Ingrid Petitjean (former Olympic sailor and 470 World Champ).  Photo: Alex Udin

- Mischa Heemskerk: After years of high performance and top three podiums on the F18, with some missed titles in the process, Mischa started sailing in the A-Class in 2011, at the Worlds held at Aarhus. The progression of his results in that event was impressive, a clear sign of his potential.
After a  great 4th result at LA F18 Worlds with Bastiaan , he went solo to IslaMorada for the 2012 Worlds. One of thoughest events ever with pre hurricane conditions, Mischa finally prevailed grabbing a long awaited deserved World Title. Photo: Will Clark

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