Nov 21, 2012

Artemis AC72 Sailing footage

Looking good after some delay. Lets wait also for the mid 20s and the definitive test for this Cup edition: The Bareaway.
Artemis is going for conservative design option and it may pay if you may have this kind of weather on a given racing day. As the foiling systems are quite draggy when not fully planning.
I've been told that in the low 20s Oracle, ETNZ & LR may struggle while Artemis can take full advantage in those conditions.

The problem for Artemis is that if wind blows and the competition flies downwind it might be tough to digest, but as I've been remarked  you also have to be fast upwind, although I've seen ETNZ flying in that mode too.

It seems also that the boat is doing what it was designed for, speeding with the bow quite up, thus also pressing the stern a little leaving a visible rooster tail.

Definitely a Design contest, as the Cup has always been. We are lucky enough to see in our days a great Milestone for sailing, History in the Making...

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