Oct 2, 2012

Oracle AC72 first Flight: Images & Video

Oracle AC72, right now trying to fly... scary shot. Just compare to ETNZ flight images here. Images by Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA.

I think ETNZ has come up with a better solution on the flying foils with their S+L combo. Already being said by some experts on the lack of stability on the L foils alone. So seeing New Zealand almost easy stable flights vs this confirms a first hand looks and logic on what I've been told. Will publish more images later. And video still to come but... Click images below to HD and to confirm even more this concept. "Houston we have a problem.." my bet is they will change the foil system. Maybe to soon to say but since day one I didn´t like the balance even when it was not flying.

Update: Flying short Video, check 3:05, it doesn´t look that bad but I still go for ETNZ. What about Artemis????

fb video