Oct 8, 2012

F18 Argentina: BA Week 2012, Day 1

Back to race in Argentina after the Worlds. After 3 races, as today was cancelled, Ronstan team, Esteban Blando and Nico Aragones are leading the way on their Wildcat. Currently 2nd Smith-Heuser (19th at LA)  on  MKII. These two crews will fight for the crown here and at the incoming Arg Nats in November.

More races coming on monday and next weekend. I had some pending work delivering cats, but will try to race the Arg Nats in November. Last year we were 2nd on this same Wildcat on the F18 1st South Americans, but then Esteban went to win the 2011 Arg Nats with Nico, where Gunnar took first Open, and  they recently had an excellent debut at the F18 Worlds in LA.

Blando will be also campaining for Rio 2016.  Full results at semanadebuenosaires.org.ar

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