Sep 20, 2012

Tornado Worlds 2012

Sent by Andrew Dowley.
Lake Garda delivered some fantastic conditions once again for day two of the 2012 Tornado World Championships. Three races were held on Tuesday in around 15 knots of breeze.

As with every day in Lake Garda the wind started from the North fading towards midday then turning to the South and picking up.

It was very much a day for team Red Bull today who took two of the three races. They were knocked off their perch in race 3 by the new Italian team of Matteo Ferraglia and Lorrenzo Bianchini.

Iordanis and Kostas were followed in race one by Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield then class president and treasurer Roland and Nahid Gaebler. Race two of the day saw Martin Rusterholz and Simon Koster take second place followed by Brett and Ryan. Third place in race three went to Manfred Schonleitner and Georg Hirsch-Stronstorff from Austria.
Competition is close throughout the fleet with one bad race meaning you could fall 5 or 6 places in the overall rankings.

With one discard taken into account the top 5 now looks like this:
1. Iordanis Paschalidis and Kostas Trigonis
2. Matteo Ferraglia and Lorenzo Bianchini
3. Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield
4. Manfred Schonleitner and Georg Hirsch-Stronstorff
5. David Krizek and Adam Zdenek

Currently the first mixed team are the husband and wife team of Roland and Nahid Gaebler in 7th place, no surprises there!

Full results -

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