Aug 22, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco: Practice Race

Images: Giles Martin Raget.

Check helm quotes at I like Santi Lange's comparison with the Tornado, the first thing he spoke off was the margin error of the AC45 against the Tornado. This confirms all my guesses on how that error margin I always mention as an outside viewer is key beyond the size of the cat for venues like SF: "On racing the AC45 compared to the Tornado catamaran:

“The main thing is the different style of racing. Compared to the Olympic Games this is more like a medal race, short courses and a lot of boats. But it’s very similar. From the point of view of stability or digging the bow, I think the AC45 is safer than a Tornado. But it’s a lot harder because there are 5 people on board and it’s very physical for the crew. Altogether it is a lot harder, and the communication and short courses make it a lot harder."

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