Aug 26, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco: Final Day

Live Replay from Sunday -

Great Match Race between Coutts & Spithill, just try to watch it. Although Coutts won, and even have a perfect start, on the long term I think Spithill has more chances, they have right now the best boat handling and speed of the entire fleet. Just look how they recovered on the last race.
ETNZ seems focused on their 72 as Mitch Booth pointed out.
49er Stars, Draper and Outteridge are performing, Luna Rossa will be challenging with the AC72, Korea has 'signed' but still to see if they manage to build a 72.

Santi and his team had a really good start but ended somehow average, although they manage to win several times ahead AR White, included the last main race. So a good debut considering the AC45s experience of the rest.
Artermis will start riding he big red Lady soon too.

Ainsle has lots of to catch up, he will get better for sure, but there is no way in my view he can be an alternative to Spithill/Coutts/Bundcok right now.

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