Aug 2, 2012

2012 Olympics at Weymouth...calling Multis

All Photos Matías Capizzano. More at

"Genios del Voto" is an expression being said right now in Arg towards the majority voting this populist gov we have, applied to Olympics something like "those 'Geniuses' that voted Multis out..."
What a great venue Weymouth is, incredible sailing conditions in the 470 as I follow the Arg crew today.
Funny how some take down on cats for being only "speed" when with Laser ,Star,  470 and else you have a single straight train line in the downwind leg, with multis you have more options, so addtional tactics are at stake. Also saw some RSX races.

We all love sailing, but come on, what a waste not having the Ts or any other multi flying right now at the Games, more having master Capizzano at the lens...

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