Jul 24, 2012

Windsurf, ISAF & Olympics: Get a Clue

Here we go again....I didn´t want to report this after more detail, now it seems they are analyzing Kite for men and keep Windsurf for women....
Some people at ISAF meetings are needing a special 'compass' to make their key decisions and votes.
Of course I once said that future classes are going to be: - Multihull (F18, F16 women, A-Class), 49er, Moth , Kite, Board, Devoti One..!

But it is a surrealistic scenario hearing some talking about "grass roots, sport development, emerging countries, local fleets and so on, and then these same people votes out one of the major youth programs world wide. Which is the big picture here? 1 step forward with Multis/Kites in and 2 backwards?

Kites IN was a good move, but the same effect could have been achieved with a first 'Demo' medal/exhibition as done in the past with other sports.

How come the same guy that changed the voting procedure to ban the Tornado and keep the Keelboat in is now voting to include Kites? It is some kind of joke? which are the basis and long term projects and framework this person follows?

Also having countries like Spain , with top RSX sailors like Blanca Manchon, (can you get a better promotion for women Olympic sport than her?) voting against.
The Spanish representative then remarked he was "confused" about his vote, he made an "error" and asked for mercy. Then the Venezuela sailing Fed, with a press release denying any involvement on the vote of their compatriot isaf VP..

One thing is for sure, the ISAF old guard management should resign en masse, and let new blood to get a long term goals based on strategic development plans.

Windsurf is THE class to create roots and big fleets all over the World so for those talking and searching that goal it is a contradictory position having RSX out of the Games.

So what do we want? Personally I like a mix on showing the best sailing can offer to the new generations, of course this include kites, the best multi we can get , and also the possibility for more accessible options like the windsurf, that also attracts Youth.
The compromise solution is not easy, I have to agree that not having keelboats it is also a mistake as it is the most sailed boat now a days. Women match race last only one cycle...?? No need to add more details then. This is Not kite vs windsurf, this is old guys in suits going home...A change is needed asap, active sailors should have more weight on decisions.

Which ever the case playing with kids dreams is not that good in any sport at any level. More info and petition link atwww.rsxclass.com

Above Sinan Senevrensel and Blanca Manchón, Below, 3 Arg youth sailors, Bautista Saubidet, Valentina Serigos and Jazmín Lopez Becker. Youth Photos: ISAF

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