Jul 25, 2012

Andy Irons. July 24, 1978-Nov 2, 2010

If you think I'm a catsailing nuts fanatic, you should see me as a kid with surfing.
The only reason I have a Catsailng site is cause BA has a huge open Rio de la Plata near by instead of an ocean. Although the rowing, wakeboarding, windsurfing & F18 Spi runs compensate a little for us when not travelling for waves or snow.

Today seeing some JBay footage I remembered Andy Irons, then I checked his bio and he was born July 24 1978, so he would have been 34 just yesterday.

You need talent to school Slater, and Irons had it, one of those deaths that hit you strong and makes you appreciate every day God gives you.
Great image Tribute by Photographer Brian Bielmann .

Tube image by Pat Stacey/Surfermag.com

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