Jul 29, 2012

London 2012: Game On...

Huge open ceremony, Reviewing GB history. Steve Redgrave, 5 consecutive gold medals in Rowing delivered the torch to a group of youths.
Good to have rowing recognized as it is one of the most traditional and tough sports out here. At my parents home, located in a traditional rowing town surrounded by a Delta and full of regatta clubs, two of them with more than 100 years, I did K1/2 as a kid and then I rowed for my school, I was stroke of a Coxed Four, my grand father was a shell builder and trainer too and that's where I got the building boats passion.
Above Redgrave and Andy Holmes, who help Redgrave winning two of his medals, sadly Holmes pass away in 2010 at 51 on a strange disease.

Sailing started already, although no Cats this time. But we'll be back for Rio. Saw the 2008 Medal Race this weekend, incredible not having multihulls, but that's over and the future looks bright so all Ok.

Today we went training F18, it was cold but flying/sunny conditions, after a good initial downwind run the windward rudder casting literally exploded... so I went back to see the games on TV.

Lots of sports to watch and learn. Saw team archery for ie, ITA over US that was a good one.
Argies will be playing team sports, sorry Aussies today!
But we will not defend the two consecutive Football Gold medals as we didn´t qualified this time.
The Basket team may play for a 3rd consecutive medal though as the Field Hockey girls, sorry South Africa today... but still much left. Aus & SA will say sorry to us on next Rugby 4 Nations.....uuuuuhh that is going to be hard for the Pumas.
Download Android London 2012 Results App too, very good.

Photos: bbc.co.uk, Guardian.co.uk, Andrew Dowley (Bridge), Press Association, London2012.com

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