Jul 6, 2012

Hydropetere Trials by Christophe Launay

CSN:This way of flying is not going to be seen at the ACup, although we will see some interesting things. Latest images from Oracle's Ac45 are nice but LFoils lacks a reliable 'flight' to my knowledge and after talking with some top notch specialist(2) , also you can look at those images and only one of them seems quite balanced, the others are not stable flying, And they even 'photoshoped' some parts as I posted at SA forums, more on that later.
Images and report by Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com  Click for Better quality.
"Aerial photo-shoot of l’Hydroptère DCNS Alain Thébault and his Dream Team (Yves Parlier, Jean le Cam, Jacques Vincent, Luc Alphand) during the first series of trials at La Ciotat in the Mediterranean.
The trimaran has now arrived by container ship in Los Angeles where she will be based whilst waiting for a weather for an attempt on the Pacific crossing record between Los Angeles and Honolulu this summer."

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