Jul 12, 2012

Formula 18. Dervio Team Race: Video & Report

Dervio Team Race _Eng from FilMotion // Luca Carton on Vimeo.
Mischa de Munck started this format with some friends last year. Lamberto Cesari attended to the 2012 edition and organized later one of his own at Dervio. A format that sailors seem to like and that is catching up. Congrats to Lamberto, ex rider for team Hobie Italy, now helping to promote the sport. Quite good edition on the video and reporting  with eng subtitles. More images at CSN Fbck.
Images by Camilla Battaini & Enrico Bergamini.  Gallery
Video: by Luca Carton -FILMOTION
By Lamberto Cesari - Dervio Team Race Press Release:
"Great show at the 1st Dervio Teamrace on F18 Catamarans: the format tested at the Bolster Knockout worked out well in Italy (two against two regatta in a digital-N course, and the team with the last boat on the finish line loses) showing that sailing can be spectacular and close to the public.
The spectators in Dervio enjoyed great team racing moves, since all the races were uncertain till the last meters.
The championship was made of two semi-finals (Team White vs team Black , Team Red vs Team Blue), where the team winning two races had access to the final. Both semi-finals has been so tough that were decided in the third race, giving Team White (Bissaro-De Paoli, Viganó-Viganó) the chance to win the final over Team Blue (Saragoni-Filippi -former LAC sailors- Mazzucchi-De Lorenzi).
Good to see italian youth talents in the final (Viganò twins are 21 and Mazzucchi is 23), fighting with experienced sailors like Vittorio Bissaro (25, 3rd at Balaton Worlds last year) and Luca Saragoni (LAC finalist in 2003-2005).
Everybody (sailors, spectators and jury) was enthusiastic about the format, and is asking for the next one. Why don´t we start thinking of a European Tour beside the biggest F18 races?"


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