Jun 26, 2012

AC45 Youth Team from Argentina

I always like how the old guard and naysayers get frustrated when they try to debunk natural evolution like cats in the Americas Cup:  "Coutts this , Coutts that", "Cats can´t Match Race", "What whapened with the Youth AC", "Paint is faster"... (ah no that's from other old and non informed guard), "Development kills a class" (Tell that to the 100 sailors at Circolo Vela Arco racing the 2012 Europeans) and  blalbalblabla...

And guess what?? This new "format" is reaping the fruits promoting sailing as never before and encouraging our youth: Six young talented sailors from Argentina look up to the challenge and got together to form a local Challenge for the Youth Americas Cup on the AC45s.
Geared up by two of them involved in our local F18 class, Nico Aragones and Gaston Terrab, 2 of our best F18 crews along another youth, Juan Martin Benitez. The three of them coming from the 29er fleet.

Nico and Gaston got together with the 2012 420 World Champs: Pablo Volker and Agustín Cunill, and another two talented 29er sailors, German Billoch and Pedro Kocourek. All of them 20-21 years old and currently studying Naval Architecture or Engineering and an impressive competitive record.

Coming from the successful local 29er fleet along other youths , Nicolas become F18 Argentine Champ in 2011 crewing with Esteban Blando. Gaston joined the fleet this year an already showed his potential taking Ian Rodger helming to new levels winning several races this season.

So the local F18 class has motivated in some way this new appeal for cats on the traditional local dinghy and monohull fleet. And of course having an Americas Cup on winged cats... the AC45s series helped a 'little' to boost their dreams. Photo left: Three old helms F18 sailors rising their trophies only thanks to their top youth crews doing the hard job!: Terrab, Aragonés & Benitez.

They have already contacted ACups officials to formalize their inscription and initial deposit. They are working also to plan a training program, buy some F18s, having an official trainer and else.
If they pursue and continue the journey to the end as I'm seeing now I will help them getting on board in SF in any way I can and lobbying for them.

Having an Argentine Youth Team racing an AC45s will be "Job Done" for all involved in this Americas Cup edition and all the catracing classes, sailors, officials and supporters world wide currently working on the promotion of the sport.

We want these boys to follow Santi Lange path to the ACup (he sailed with Victory Challenge) and also to pursue the summit of sail racing he achieved with Camau Espínola winning 2 Olympic medals and the T World Championship.
And that sailing summit right now, like it or not, is Catamaran Racing.

We have the next generation covered,
Support their campaign at https://www.facebook.com/Ac45YouthAgentinaTeam

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