May 23, 2012

Lange's ARG Winged Tornado for Artemis: The Video

We published a photo last year, this is the footage of that session.
Santiago Lange, double Tornado Olympic medalist wchamp for Argentina with Camau Espínola, is now part of the Design & Sailing crew for Artemis Racing, using his Beijing Olympic T for a Wing test at Valencia in 2011.

Now the AC72 is in full construction and they also tested a huge wing on an Orma60 Tri with modified wp amas. 

Santi is a Naval architect, (SouthHampton) he works at Artemis with countryman Juan K on his design studio, and he is also the reserve helm. The perfect liason for both ends, as Juan K is a genius but he never designed a Multi. Expect some break ground innovation from JK. The data I have is that their daggers will have a lateral pivot feature, or it can be a dagger 'a la' Mayfly?. Will try to get Santi's update on the AC72.

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