May 21, 2012

F18 Open Project Update

Many contacts made these past weeks. Since I launched the Open F18 Project in April.
What we can inform is that we have parts suppliers in US, Europe & Australia.
By parts I mean:
- Masts & Beams Alu extrusions
- Rudders/Daggers foils
- Rig, Hardware , castings and else.
And of course sails. Lots of options there.

Already two builders in Europe interested in building the project.
We still have to define licenses and we are talking with some designers to work with for final version of what I made.

The idea again is not innovation, but to consolidate the best and proven features of current designs. With a bullet proof hull platform you can chose whatever parts you like.
Latest foils from Fischer? No problem PSA in Australia will provide them. A set of Ullmans? just call Pablo Soldano and so on.
At least 3 different mast-beams extrusion options will be available. The same with castings and the rest of the hardware. Having these providers confirmed is a key part of the project.

I'm working on this project with Andrew Gallagher and Sandor Roka, chairmen of F18 Ireland and Hungary.
Two of the best helping and push forward characters you can find in the Formula 18 Class world wide.
More info available as soon as we confirm the third party designer with whom we are going to refine current design. CFD services were offered too. If you want to know more about the project contact me at catsailingnews gmail com.

Click images to enlarge. Final renders images made in Blender after dxf/collada import, an Open 3D Design/Animation Software that I'm learning to use.

Edit on mails received: Blender is used for rendering images only, you can use Google Sketchup V7 plugins too like Indigo.

List of Naval Software at
Best out there is Maxsurf, others use Rhino (it has a yacht design plugin). 

For beginners and free: FreeShip / FreeShip Plus

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