May 20, 2012

AC45s @Venice, Loick Peyron: Nice guys finish First

I mentioned it yesterday, "Champagne Sailing" for Team Energy. And beyond having Barker annoyed with light conditions (he didn't saw the finish I guess), exactly these ones to the middle range winds is where finesse and class shows. Above that range, those factors are quite important too but physical training and pushing hard are key. Although this short course was quite intense due to the mandatory tacks on the boundaries.

No weight or design differences here, so results are 100% crews responsibility.
Incredible race till the last second, where Spithill made a super comeback after being 4mins or more behind. Later Spithill said they were learning on how Energy sailed downwind and their smooth gybes.

This ACup 'Dark Horses' (Nov 2011) were sailing the whole week like a hidden ghost, away from fleet mess and just concentrating in going fast in every condition.
I remember some short term critics on the French sailors, some like "these are the multihull experts?" and so on. Well, I'm sorry they didn´t fulfil some losers expectations, cause they have delivered big time.

Some French company needs to back them, how about Peugeot? They have global presence and their focus on design and tech on their market share side might have a great impact, and you can't go wrong with this team beyond any final result.

I also wont stop recognizing Loick Peyron's attitude, always humble, always positive and realistic. Can multihulls have a better personality to represent us? Come Loick, race the F18 Worlds In September in LA, with Arnaud Jarlegan (Wing trimmer and F18 World Champ) crewing you teach us how   it's done.

Hat off to Team Energy crew.
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