Apr 20, 2012

Olympics Trials, ISAF Report: Nacra 17 & Viper recommended

Did I make an accurate previous analysis or not?   100%  Direct HIT, once more for the "Oracle of San Isidro".
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So now the NAs will decide. But NO one can change the facts we described here before and now confirmed on this report.

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1 Recommendation

The Evaluation Panel recommend consideration of two of the entrants, the NACRA 17 and the Viper.
The clear preference of the MNA Sailors and the Evaluation Panel was the innovative new NACRA 17.
Designed specifically for the Mixed Multihull criteria the Evaluation Panel concluded the NACRA 17 is seen
as the best option. Featuring curved dagger boards providing vertical lift, the NACRA 17 will carry a wider
range of crew weight better than the 16 footers and is considerably lighter than a Formula 18. The modern
NACRA 17 also offers the sailors in the Mixed Multihull Event the exciting challenge of mastering the
potential lift of the curved daggerboards.

Of the six other entrants, the Viper was the second choice of the MNA Sailors. As an existing ISAF Class,
with over 50 boats waiting in stock, the Viper offers a rapid implementation. The MNA sailor feedback was
that some felt that they were at the upper limit of the competitive combined crew weight. The new NACRA
F16 was not seen to offer major advantages over the NACRA 17 or the established Viper.

The superbly-refined, and much admired Tornado at 20ft was judged too powerful by the female sailors. It
was considered that at highest level of Olympic competition the female sailor would inevitably be the helms
person, leaving the male crew to deal with the higher loads of the mainsheet and gennaker sheet. Only one
MNA sailor (a man) ranked the Tornado as their first choice.

The Hobie Tiger, a Formula 18, was the heaviest boat at the evaluations. Presented in ‘light crew’ mode, with
the smaller jib and gennaker, the balance of the rig was questioned. Only two sailors ranked the Tiger in their
top three choices.

The Hobie 16 with gennaker did not find support from the MNA Sailors. It failed to impress in respect of its
performance and sailing qualities when compared with the other boats presented. Only one sailor ranked the
Hobie 16 as a top three choice.

The Spitfire S is priced competitively with the Hobie 16. It was not popular with the MNA Sailors who would
have preferred a self-tacking jib and better organised controls.

2- Comparison Table

Data Hobie 16 Hobie Tiger Nacra F16 Nacra 17 SpitfireS Tornado Viper
Hull Lenght 5,05 5,48 5 5,25 5 6,09 5
Beam - m 2,41 2,59 2,5 2,59 2,53 3,08 2,5
Weight -kg 145 180 125/131 132/138 142 165 129
Mainsail m2 14,25 15,12 13,35 14,65 14,52 16,41 13,72
Jib area m2 5,12 3,45 3,7 4 4,25 5,38 3,7
Gennaker m2 14 19 17,5 19,5 19 24,6 17,5
Complete Price Euros Ex Tax $12.300,00 $15.700,00 13250 - 15350 14500 - 16750 $12.500,00 25900 - 15900 $13.400,00
Builder Hobie Cat Hobie Cat Nacra CMI (THA) Nacra CMI (THA) SirenaLoday White Marstrom / Exploder Nacra CMI (THA)
a Carbon fibre mast b price offer for first 100 boats, please see below for all prices.

Complete report at http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/MultihullEvaluationPanelReport-[12449].pdf

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