Apr 24, 2012

Olympic Trials: Gaebler's Backup Choice

As we remarked, the Tornado showed her performance and refinement on the water at Santander. 'Mixed' was a too high barrier though, as expected. And I think with an 'Open' option, it would have had the opportunity for a deserved exit at Rio.
Now, as predicted the T is out of the Olympic race, but nevertheless is leaving the throne head high and with no specific fault of its own beyond being a powerful performer in any condition.

Roland thinks that the Nacra 17 is the second best option to the T, I said it was the first and "The Candidate" since I saw the cad renders as the Phantom project was, when proposed.

But it is going to be selected? Again, don´t think so, but I do think that this boat is going to have a "career" beyond the Olympics, if not chosen of course.
Sticking to ideal situations for the future, with a boat that can last many cycles beyond mixed (as the report pointed out and I previously posted)  I would like to see the Gaebler's competing at Rio.

Roland is a too passionate sailor and sometimes he goes nuts! I have talked to him past days and he is quite at ease now, he should be proud of the work done for the Tornado class, and with Nahid for the Mixed campaing.
Just look at these pics, these two love to sail multis, and at the end it is all that counts. 

My respect to Roland and Nahid Gaebler and their contribution on promoting the sport.

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