Apr 2, 2012

F18 Worlds 2012: Cirrus R in USA

John Casey has brought the first Cirrus are to America. And now he will be bringing some containers full oft hem.
The Cirrus R had an excellent debut winning the Eurocat and a 2nd at Balaton with Mischa Heemskerk and Bastian Tentij onboard.

I've been told and seen myself the gps tracks at the Europeans too, that the Cirrus is the fastest F18 downwind.
And to me is no surprise, beyond BCM experience, knowledge and other design features, that fat bottom is key.  I made a fat/square deep channels one for the RC16 and it simply flies. And I will apply it to our next F18 in the future.

John is also analyzing offering some charters on these new boats, nice move by JC, and I will recommend the guys as an alternative to rent one. So if interested in having a1st class F18 as your tool  for LA just contact him  www.johncaseyworldwide.com

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