Apr 12, 2012

AC45s Naples: Bundock's "Team Race Knockout"

Knockout for Darren Bundock today as he eliminated team partner Spithill on their Match Race (not stream was available). And all after 4 cracks the boat had yesterday in tough conditions, with the shore crew working by the minute to put his team on the water. Never count off an experienced catsailor, an although Spithill has grabbed the multihull feeling like no other but Barker, having Darren as his 'sparring' is the best situation Oracle can have right now.
And Bundy will continue to shock the fleet as he did when winning his first official race. Have you noticed he is always the fastest upwind? I think tactics are failing on O5.

Yesterday it also showed how you need that "feeling",  Outeridge (Check this A-class wipeout)  , Barker, Spithill have raced hard on A-class and F18 also for Jim with Ashby, and those hours are paying off, but Terry Hutchinson is way behind their onboard catracing time.
But that might change as Terry has just ordered a brand new DNA A-Class, the number 100th for the new dutch builders that also delivered some goods for the Peyron Bros and many other AC crews like Ashby, Barker and Darren have raced their a-cat.
Arno Terrra from dna, confirmed Terry's acquisition yesterday.

If I were Cayard, I will put Santi Lange to helm with Terry as tactician, beyond a final total grasp of cats sensitive handling he might get with more training, he is always fighting for the top spots.  Maybe the most talented and experienced sailor of the fleet, he just need more hours on two hulls.

Forza italia! Draper and Sirena delivering at local waters, now we are talking! if the italians are not present in a major sport event, well something is missing, and Luna Rossa's history with the cup is just a great base for thesse new teams.

So the knockouts will continue on Saturday, I guess , cause the match races weren´t  streamed, and the schedule it is a little bit messy.
More at www.americascup.com
Above, another great pic (click to HQ) by Guilain Grenier, Bundy seems to be thinking: "Not today Jimmy"

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