Apr 17, 2012

2012 Maersk Line Paper Tiger Catamaran Internationals

All photos: Rachel Leatham

The F18 should learn from this class, having Maersk as a sponsor they managed to offer a great service to those wanting to travel. Instead of boicoting events outside Europe, and letting others doing the high expenses every year, the class needs to arrange things like this for every Worlds event. I proposed a solution in that direction while in the WC.

Great event for the Paper Tiger sailors, first time I have clear images and info from this Cat.
Sent by Alex Craig-
Paper Tiger Catamaran Internationals - papertigercatamaran.org

The 2012 Maersk Line Paper Tiger Catamaran International Championships attracted a top fleet of 50 boats to McCrae Yacht Club on the waters of Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne, Australia) over Easter.

The International Series is the pinnacle of Paper Tiger Catamaran racing. The event is held two years out of every three and the venue currently alternates between Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the individual results, the top ten boats at the previous national championships from each country form the teams to compete for the championship nation’s trophy.

This year’s event saw New Zealand represented with 20 boats, sent in a 40ft shipping container free of charge thanks to the major sponsor Maersk Line.
Racing was completed from the 6th-9th of April over the Easter break. Winds were predominantly in the 10-20 knot range with choppy seas. This made for challenging upwind sailing, but saw many fast reaching legs.

The series was dominated by Dave Shaw of New Zealand. Shaw won 5 heats, with his worst race a 3rd. He made history becoming the first kiwi to win the event in Australia.
Past winner Bryan Anderson (Australia) was second overall, followed by Scott Barker (New Zealand) in third. Dylan Taylor (New Zealand) won the youth competition.

Competition for the International team’s trophy was fierce with Australia taking the overall win by just 23 points. (442-465)

The Paper Tiger Catamaran is an exciting 14ft singlehanded catamaran. With a lightweight 50kg platform the boat is fast and responsive in all conditions. Building a new boat is relatively inexpensive and older boats remain completive, with over 20 year old hulls winning championships. The rules are relatively strict to keep hull shapes and sails simular to ensure close racing. However, they allow freedom in hull and sail construction materials, layout of rigging and development of modern centreboards and rudders. At competitions there is an even spread of both homebuilt ply boats and professional foam sandwich boats, with both equally competitive. The buoyant hulls and adjustable rig make the boat suitable for skippers ranging in weight from 55kg-100kg.

Most importantly, the class offers a great social scene at events.
For more information class website at http://www.papertigercatamaran.org/

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