Feb 27, 2012

Cruiser Legend: Beto Pandiani's Next trip

Aleady a Legend
Beto Pandiani is a sailor that decided to cruise around the world on beachcats. He started as many of us on the Hobie 16 fleet in Brazil, in 1989 he obtained the first international title for his local class, he was crowned North American Champion in at Chicago (first foreigner to win in USA)

Years later he decided to travel from Miami to Ilha Bela (Sailing paradise near Sao Paulo and my favorite spot) It took 289 days to complete the voyage, 13.000kms.

In 2000 he sailed from Puerto Montt, Chile to Rio via Cape Horn. A 170 day trip crossing one of the toughest regions on the planet.(He sailed along my friend and RC Cruiser sailor, Felipe Tomassi) With the rest of the Hobie 21 crews they become the first sailors passing the Cape on a boat without cabin.
In 2003 the challenge was even tougher, Drake Passage to Antartica. 500 miles on a 7mts open beachcat.

Next were Isla Morada-FL and NY-Greenland,trying to connect the trips from Antartica to the latter.
2007-2008, time to cross the Pacific! Chile-Australia!? 17.000kms, with weeks with no land at hand.
All trips generated story and images books plus two films and more than 50 TC shows, and internet, radio material.

Beto's goals was to break records, although he has already sailed 50,000kms globally, but to achieve extreme but secure projects.
Between each trip there is no rest, as the next one must be prepared.

Atlantic Crossing
For 2012 the challenge will be conquer the 7,000kms separating South Africa from Brazil. Cape "Town-Rio" , of course non stop.
The new boat will be made in carbon, light and fast.
His crew this time will be Igor Bely, he cross the Pacific with Beto.

Goals are departing from Rio de janeiro to generate media promotion for an unique beachcat Cruise.
They will produce media content and I think they might be able to broadcast live too with current technology.

Grabbing content will be key experience again for Beto's next big project:
A Cinematographic Documentary for 2013-2014, for a Vancouver-Greenland-North Pole trip, this will be possible due to global warming and less icy route, so they will take the opportunity to talk about geopolitical issues and new commercial routes and environment"


Original Portuguese Text sent by Beto Pandiani. Copyright Catsailingnews.
My translation plus 'Legend' and some comments, glad I live in Brazil too.
For those wanting a kite-windsurf-cat trip in Brazil I recommend Ilha Bela for sure.

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