Jan 22, 2012

Americas Cup Uncovered #22

San Diego night party: Men in suits, Champagne, Americas Cup, the Establishment... and the best ingredient: Multihulls(!?) We are progressing, I like to be living this Era of changes on the Sailing world.
I can even put myself my long unused office suit & tie back for the cause too.

Edit: You can say anything on Coutts, but a guy of his level saying that Ainsle maybe 4 time Olympic medalist does not guarantee him success, shows his common sense and down to earth attitude towards the AC45s and Multis (as he said, he got smashed himself)  is what I've been saying for a while, although Ben's talent and experience will help him to adapt, right now he is a rookie, just ask some top World sailors at current series, being hunted down by some 'unknown' french catsailors...

This is the appeal and beauty of this edition beyond speed and flying one hull, it is a whole new challenging game for the best sailors out there.

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