Oct 13, 2011

Team New Zealand's choice: The SL 33

As many know by now Team Zealand acquired two SL33 for their training.  The concept was conceived by Andreas Labek, founder of SL Performace Race Boats BmbH. The Morrelli&Melvin design is built by Hakes Marine in New Zeland.

This cat has been related to the AC since its conception as expressed by the objectives of the project:
--- "The SL33 has been designed, engineered and built to:
- Be the fastest boat under 40 feet
- Capture trophies at all major open regattas worldwide
- Be the boat of choice for one-design multihull fleet and match racing
- Be the perfect training platform for the AC teams

Our objective is to develop an international one-design Class, which promotes high level and entertaining racing. We will ensure that all hull platforms are as identical as possible in terms of construction, shape of hull and appendages, weight distribution and performance. As a developmental one-design Class, deck layout and equipment, sail and wing plan must comply with Class measurement rules."

“The concept is very similar to that of the new America’s Cup 72. It must be sailed across all wind ranges and be exciting to sail in harbors and lakes where light winds are often encountered and regattas are often staged. The boat can be sailed shorthanded, yet it is the ideal platform for three or four sailors,”
The now defacto design hull lines for MM are present here too (Infusion, F20C, Nacra F16, AC72 rule renders) So it is an interesting view of what ETNZ might get for their final AC72, that ofcourse will be designed by Pete Melvin and Gino Morrelli design studio.

Also we could see some different approachs from Oracle design team as the latest MM design feature the Infusion 'fatboy' look and error margin concept.

For more info and video check www.SL33.eu

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