Jul 18, 2011

Winged Tornado: ARG to the MAX

Photo copyright Artemis
Photo taken from JuanpaCadario's blog , argentine sailor racing the MedCup. Check his site for more.
Although here I post lots of info on the Arg F18 Class and name several sailors (we are all just good workers on the local multihull promotion) the Number 1 (Multi or Mono) is Santiago Lange.
The thing is we've never had a local T class here, and the F18 is the 1st stablished local multi racing class. That's why you don´t see much of him here.
Santi along with Camau Espínola, are double bronce medalist (2004-2008) and Tornado World Champs. Camau has other two silver medals by his own on Mistral class.

Now Lange is part of the Artemis AC team. As helm and design liason, being a Naval Architect , he has good knowledege to interact with the head designer (Argie Juan K)
Valencia is the training base for Artemis (and Juan Ks office) , and there Santi is taking the team members for a ride on the now Winged olympic ARG Tornado.
The idea is to familiarize the crews on sailing the Wing. Good initiative on the team.

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