Feb 21, 2011

X40s at Muscat, Oman - Day 2

Photo: Lloyd Images
Seeing this photo of the X40 fleet with the ability to reef the main, and after the 1st capsize of the AC45, it makes me wonder how come they couldn´t achieve a good solution to depower the Wing reducing in some way its surface.
Left a Telescopic wing, and below a door with a similar but horizontal system.
The thing is that X40s are way more versatile that the 45s, but of course big wipeouts will be part of the game with 20-30knots in San Francisco and part of the show.
I will contact Mr 'Wing' to see if he ever thought of an alternative solution. Maybe similar to
this? http://www.afaco.com/tele_wing.html
Press release www.extremesailingseries.com
With up to 21 knots the 11-boat fleet raced the first race with a reef in the
mainsail, and it was wet ride on board in a short, choppy sea state. The wind
decreased slightly throughout the afternoon to around 16 knots but the 44
sailors handled the conditions well: “The starts have been very impressive so
far,” said Gilles Chiorri, Events Director. “They are all very close together with
two different strategies – some starting fast on starboard with right of way,
whilst the others opting to find a space on port which them gave the
advantage of one less tack on the first windward leg which saves them about
4 to 5 boat lengths which is a lot as the racing is so close.”

Extreme Sailing Series, Act 1 at The Wave, Muscat, Day 2 Results after 11 races:
1st Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, 101 points
2nd Alinghi, 91 points
3rd The Wave, Muscat, 89 points
4th Red Bull Extreme Sailing, 80 points
5th Artemis Racing, 76 points
6th Oman Air, 74 points
7th Team New Zealand, 64 points
8th Luna Rossa, 62 points
9th Team Extreme, 36 points
10th Niceforyou, 32 points
11th Team GAC Pindar, 21 points

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