Feb 27, 2011

AC45: Artemis back on the water

After the 1st capsize on the AC45, Artemis was back on the water this weekend with Argentine tornado sailor Santi Lange at the helm, Paul Cayard right behind him in this pic.
Artemis has two of our best talents on their team, with Lange and Juan K as part of the design team.

If you look close (clik to enlarge) you can see the transom add-on joined to the hull that I once posted (right between the '4' & '5') and below some loose rope/block connection too.

Cayard said it was an amazing ride, it makes me wonder what's on the old guard still talking bad vibes on multis when the top mono guys, their idols are enjoying the 'dark side', sadly they are slowly becoming the obscure ones...

Photo: Ivor Wilkins/www.americascup.com

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