Apr 20, 2010

Perfect combo

I Couldn´t help the 'tears' after seeing this ad at a fbck profile!

I had two Land Rovers, one as a teenager when my father bought a LandRover Santana ( that he sold!! when I was living in Mexico for cents... ) and a Disco V8 Automatic that I bought while abroad.

I almost made the trip back to Argentina driving through the Americas in 2004, but at the end I sold it before coming back.

And as it should be made, and a Navy Captain father in law dictated, once in Buenos Aires I bought my home and a... ca tamaran! ...who need cars?
The 'Skipper' wasn´t that thrilled with my priorities...uuuuuh

I had available an A Class Mercedes that I bought 50/50 with my father while working in Andersen until 2000 that he offered me, but I rejected. So I was left without a car , but with a home and the fundamental item for us all, a catamaran, a 2001 Hobie 16.
Then trying to import a Tiger, I ended with the F18 project...

But in Mexico I had my dream car for two years, I was sailing a H16 then, now I have some F18s, but I´d like my Land Rover back for the perfect car-cat combo !

Why get a car when you can get a Land Rover? ... F18 at your choice!

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