Apr 30, 2010

Eurocat: Day 1

Eurocat at Yacht Club Carnac, 1st day wrap up .
Photo: Bas Paumen

The Wildcats are getting 'Solid' after one year of intense fine tuning.
Mischa's talent remains intact.
Bundy is in a quite comfortable position for a champ with a greater number of races, and with boat and sails unpacked from Australia only 1 day(?) before the championship.
The Nacra team is somehow behind but Styles, de Koning and Larsen are on the top 15.
Shockwave team is currently away from the top.

Good remark from blog follower and Texas F18 sailor Philippe Bettler:
"Great job for Mischa, except he already burnt his silver bullet. Don't know, how many discards they'll have.
C2 in the top for the first day, that is impressive...
...Also note #8 Fred Le Peutrec. He was with Groupama around the world and is coaching Backes/Jarlegan.
F18 really attracts big names!"
Indeed Fred le Petreuc -(Edit: He is sailing the Sail Innovation Capricorn) is an ex French Tornado Sailor and currently member of the Groupama Team. Fred was training past week with Sail Innovation team too.
Where´s Franck Cammas? He is not on the F18 Worlds participants this year, remember he was 2nd at Nigran...

Sail Innovation team Olivier Backes and Arnaud jarlegan are currently 4th, good performance for them too.
And one special remark for Mitch Booth... a good benchmark for calculating how many years you can race at top level if you are talented as he obviously is.

What a great class the F18 is, the "F1" of the entire ISAF classes range, dinghy, mono, maxi or multi. For not hurting anyone´s feeling (read comments on sl below), yes I'm deeply affiliated and involved with this class...

Full results at Eurocat host: Yacht Club Carnac www.yccarnac.com

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