Apr 25, 2010

Eurocat 2010 : One week to go

Eurocat 2010 - Photo Ingrid Abery

From April 30 to May 2nd the first major international event for the F18 will take place at Yacht Club Carnac.
Last year we had Wildcat, Shockwave and Exploder debuts, but Hugh Styles and his Nacra Infusion were the overall race course winners.

This year we'll have another 1st timer: The New AHPC C2, that will warm its engines for next Worlds.
Francis Ferrari (french AHPC dealer) and Darren Bundock among others european based C2 riders will test the new design against the best F18 teams.

Eurocat has become a warm up for the annual F18 Worlds for all builders, and the first big regatta of the season, then you'll have Round Texel before Erquy too.

It will be an interesting championship, as now the Wildcat and Shokcwave are quite stablished and both have more than one year of development, the C2 already showed his potential at the Australian F18 Championship and a long ditance race in Europe with Francis Ferrari nailing a 1st race, 1st win for AHPC.
Also the Sail Innovation team will be having their 2nd major challenge after a brilliant win at the 1st Ned F18 regatta.

Nacra Boskalis team including current 2x Wchamp Coen de Koning will be waiting to show who is the boss at the best and most competitve sailing class, the Formula 18.

How many ISAF classes gather 200 boats for a Worlds? Hellow ISAF MNAs? Do you copy?

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