Dec 21, 2009

F18 Argentina: 2nd National's pics

Photo / Champs: Miguel Saubidet (one of Argentina´s best monohull Helmsmans) and Mariano Heuser

Photo / AHPC Capricorn leading the Nacra bunch

Photo / Several boats didn´t race, but it was a great championship

Photo / Nice mast progression shot

Photo / Myself crewing a class 'newbie' , he has a 17 feet local cat, now he will be part of the F18 for the next season..

Photo / Nacras dominated by pure force, (although they have some of the best crews on board also) as local Caps couldn´t make it on time and we had too much absences.

Photo / Starboard...

Photo / One of the RCs , her crew are also newbies but they finished every regatta beyond some pitch poles in high winds

Photo / Julito Saubidet covering his brother Miguel, the Saubidets are brothers in law with Santi Lange, besides being a traditional sailing family in Argentina
Photo / Juan Faustín and Lucas Smith and the rest

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