Aug 24, 2009

The 8.5m Class

Bob Fisher´s "Dirty Deeds" , one of the stylish cats ever seen

Grainger´s "IceBox" , designed specially for the 8.5m Class, check that "jockey" chair...
8.5mts lenght and a Box Rule for medium sized multihulls, this class has a good framework to grow World wide, born in New Zealand is a good step from beachcats, but not that expensive as bigger sportcruisers cats or VX-Formula 40 beasts.

The Concept: Originally based around the dimensions of the Malcolm Tennant designed Great Barrier Express the rule was developed to encourage the designing, building and racing of relatively affordable boats of a similar performance. The Open 8.5 Multihull Rule is a simple ‘box’ rule: as long as your boat fits within a box measuring 8.5 metres length over all x 6.5 metres max beam x 12.6 metres air-draft height (measured from the waterline to the top of the mast) then almost anything goes. To encourage robustness and the ability to compete in coastal races and possibly cruise there is a minimum weight and headroom requirement and boats need to be able to obtain a Cat 3 safety certificate.

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