May 15, 2009

F18 Italy class father, Pierre Sicouri, passed away

Pierre and his son Raphael sailed together in the F18 class, they won the 2005 italian F18 championship

Dear friends, dear sailors,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that our great
friend and companion of races Pierre Sicourì left us.
Pierre passed away this morning at 5, in Milan, after a long
illness against which he fought tenaciously while continuing
sailing on his loved F18 till the last minute.

We all know what Pierre has done for our class... his
Formula 18 Class in Italy!
Yes, his Formula18 because this class in Italy, as it is
today, is the result of Pierre's energy and push to make it
growing in the direction of the joy and desire to sail
together with a group of friends... the Magic Formula as
Pierre like to call it.

What we know of Pierre is just the tip of the iceberg of a
life fully lived by the sea, mountains and with thousand
other emotions, without losing any single moment.

On behalf of the whole Italian class, I want to convey a
strong sense of closeness to his wife Paola, his son
Raphael, his daughters Silvia and Lara that we all know as
always strongly close to Pierre and to his meaning of life.

Pierre, we miss you so much and we will always see you on
the starting line of all our future regattas!

Giovanni Fantasia
President Italian Formula 18 Class Association

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