Mar 8, 2009

Patagonia Cruising

Patagonia Argentina, yesterday...

Pablo Querol from Puerto Madryn, Argentina is sailing his RC since Dec 2006. Before sailing cats, Pablo and his friend Felipe Tomassi (Pandiani´s crew in his Puerto Montt-Ilha Bela cruise in two Hobies 21) were making this type of of cruise with windsurf boards along the Patagonian coast.
This weekend Pablo made Madryn-Puerto Pirámides-Playa Unión (Rawson) without any support. Conditions down there can get pretty hard.

The cat is a modified Racecat F18 platform:
- 2,90 width beams,
- 8mts mast,
- roller furler for Jib
- roller furler for Main with a rotating boom and
- Dacron sails.
- Wings

In Puerto Madryn you have constant wind ranges from 20 to 40knots , so having a stable paltform is a must, the boat is also laminated with extra reinforcements.

He is training for a bigger cruise next year, maybe all down to Ushuaia.

Here is Pablo in managing breaking waves and strong winds a year ago.
I think wave piercing cats are doomed in this conditions, here you need that extra reserve volume up front.

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