Jan 3, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: Laser boy on fire

2008 Laser World champ , Tom Slingby is getting good with two hulls it seems, beating experienced cat sailors at the Australian ACat Champ and now at he previous Worlds race, having himself little experience in top cat racing or even catasailing??

Tom claimed 2008 Laser Worlds in Australia just before the Olympics, he sure likes speed sailing as his best performance in Laser are done with high winds, in Quingdao Tom was lost in the calm and he ended with a poor final perfomance. Now he is redeeming himself of that calm weather at China.

The other major Laser contender at the Laser Worlds was Julio Alsogaray from Argentina, he finished second to Tom in Australia and he was short of winning an Olympic medal, he started with a bullet but he failed just before the medal race.

Julio already sailed F18 in Argentina, and he wants to have his own after the exprience, but now with Tom´s performance maybe we'll tell him that his main opponent is doing well at the A-Class Worlds and he should match Tom´s ability with cats!

Monohull top sailors are being attracted to multihull racing.... mmm watch out ISAF, in the future maybe all racing at the Olympics will be done in 10 different classes of MULTIHULLS...

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