Nov 10, 2008

F18: The new Hobie preview II

As we marked in the 1st preview Hobie is unveiling a wave piercing hull.

Is a Capricorn v2 with things taken from the Infusion like the front beam "covered o protected" to reduced drag when waves heats the main beam and stop the boats and a elevetaded platform for the rear beam.

I'll predict some chine, or channels or flat section at the stern too.
Confirming our remarks from last F18 Worlds, an era has ended and the old faitfull Tiger is retiring as a icon of the F18 class for more than 10 years, still a great competitive boat, although years back in trend design to appeal new buyers and top cat racers.
From Hobie news letter:

Innovation in Hobie Cat F18
Innovation now has a name...

To be discovered in the next few weeks

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