Aug 11, 2008

Mitch Booth's Code Zero could be Legal

Last Games for the Tornado, and the class continues with high controversy after being ejected from the Olympics by the ISAF.
Being the last opportunity to many to have their gold, the so criticized Tornado super high tech development has put the class in a not so good position before the sailing community.

Is simple, if you permit development don´t cry. If you build 50 sets of sails and someone came with a different design, that you´ve never ever think off, you have to blame only yourself.

Mitch Booth is playing within the class rules, he just make a smaller and flatter sail!!

The whole "One Design" spirit is not being broken by Mitch, the Tornado class has allowed with its own rules this "ackward" situation.

If Mitch Code Cero gets through measurement, protests against should be discarded.
He developed better than the others, he respected the Tornado Class rules and the status quo (is standard for the class to test more than 10?20? sail sets each year)

If you want different results, just make something really different from what you are trying over and over...

Although we all prefer a One Design race, Mitch is not the guy to blame... he did better homework, that´s all.

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