Jan 7, 2013

A-Class: 2013 Calendar

The IACA has updated its website and finally the fixed A-Cat.org domain. Thomas Paasch is the webmaster and he is making a great work, adding functionalities each week, a global Calendar plus automatic updates on the Class Twitter and Facebook pages from published articles on the official IACA website. 

As an Editor I'm uploading some dedicated content you wont find here in CSN, so be sure to check the Class website often to have all info plus the complete updated Calendar and Class official docs.
You can find 2012 WGM Draft Minutes at http://a-cat.org/?q=node/6

Main event for the 2013 year calendar is Europeans at Barcelona, 22-29 June.
Next A-Class Worlds is going to be held at Takapuna, New Zealand in 2014, February 11-16th. An event worth to plan ahead and attend. Tornado Worlds were held there in 2008.

- Check IACA's full Calendar at http://a-cat.org/?q=events-date/year
- 2014 Takapuna Worlds location info and preview at http://a-cat.org/?q=node/133

- Thilo Keller launchs a New Arrow MKII  http://a-cat.org/?q=node/132   
- Bob Griffits complete report of the 2012 Isla Morada Worlds http://a-cat.org/?q=node/129

- IACA's Facebook : facebook.com/pages/International-A-Division-Catamaran-Association/180972642047270
- IACA's  Twitter:  twitter.com/acatorg

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