Aug 29, 2012

Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 Sailing Vid: 40 in 20.

Just came from delivering an RC16, also finalizing some pending tasks cause I'm going "off mode" on Friday, as I'm flying to LA. So here you have all the info going around.
There is a interesting sequence at 1:07 , the leeward hull is trying to get airborne, check the transom, a good indication of today pic, photoshop or not.

They will fly, but we all want to see it now, we know Oracle AC45 had some flights, beyond they wanted to hide foils details with photoshop, Luna Rossa SL33 also flew and got a nice pitch destroying the wing.
 So we will definitely see some 'IFOs' at San Francisco on September 2013.

Also check a somehow bow down pitch on a gust at 0:39, this thing is fully powered, and as they will not Fly 100% of the time, the usual dynamic aspects of our 'floating' beachcats will apply. Artemis AC72 will have a hard time I guess with that extreme forward front beam position on the bareaways at least, if they need to push it on close racing, although waves at SF will vary from these present at open sea in NZ.

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"Emirates Team New Zealand veterans say they have never seen anything like it when the AC72 came close to topping 40 knots of boats speed in around 20 knots of wind off Auckland yesterday.
It was the 4th day of testing and the old timers were adamant no ETNZ boat had ever been this fast before. Some of the round the world sailors from on board CAMPER would argue they came close, whether or not they were in control is debatable."

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