May 8, 2016

A-Class: DNA F1 vs A16 in Spain

**Update: The Exploder "A16" which raced in Spain are not the latest hulls/platform, sorry for the confusion, but well you can surely understand, on Exploder having two boats for 2016.
In any case the F1 did not race against latest Exploder platform, which code name is "AD3" designed by Gonzalo Redondo, but on the older A15 hulls shape with updated foils, not all with the latest though.
   This weekend in Spain 4 DNA F1s raced against vs 3 Exploder A16*.(pics published in February) World top 3 sailor, Manolo Calavia participated with his new F1, having him on the course was a good benchmark for performance. He didn´t won the event but he scored 4 bullets on the races he finished (1 dsq & 1 dnf).

The winner of the event was Jose Antonio Lopez Becerra (A16) , second place Abdón Ibañez (F1) , 3rd place for Gustavo Doreste (A16) and 4th place for Calavia F1.
The info I have is Manolo wins were done on leveled performance with the A16s, nothing out of this world for a first regatta.
Still much to go, and the spring Europeans and maybe the coming Swiss Nats next week will bring more feedback also with Scheurer camp racing at Lake Como.

Roeland Wentholt & Mischa Heemskerk raced this weekend with the F1 in light winds at a Medemblik pre event. Roeland was first. Details and results at the Dutch Assoc Fb.