May 8, 2016

AC45 Series @New York: Emirates Team New Zealand 1st...

All Images ACEA / Rob Tringali / Ricardo Pinto - Stadium racing just sucks. Try to view the replays (ESPN Play here in Arg) .  Yesterday no wind and strong current canceled any possible regatta, and today some good gusts provided conditions to complete 3 races. Drifting at the start line was an usual view, and TNZ only won the event on a final lucky shot coming from dead last (over the line & stuck with starting pin) while the leaders were drifting on the final leg. New York was a great scenery but Hudson river racing and a extremely short race course made for the usual boring spectacle provided by the X40s City Circus.
In the end if you couldn´t watch the action live this time around, don´t worry, "move on, nothing to see here"...

Official report & complete results at

Luckily enought I watched the replay so I'm glad I spent the day helping a friend fixing his F18 for him to race , and later enjoy some excellent A-Cat session (which to me is a great training for the F18 too), as I couldn´t race F18 myself as my partner couldn´t bring the boat from Mar del Plata this weekend.

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