Mar 26, 2014

A-Class: Askell freeride @Quiberon

Back to the Basics. Between all the info I've been publishing, I tried also to put things in perspective.
I liked the A before flying and I pushed the local guys to buy before airborne winning boats.
Thibault Laudren sails the french Askell A-Cat , built by Dorian and Joris Le Pluart. He nails the core idea and shows us how much fun is sailing these boats either way in the video above.
Sent by Thibault Laudren -
"Looking at all the comments and news going on these days around the A Class dilemma about flying, I just thought it would be nice to have a bit of a change in the thread and show what really A Class sailing is about at this time for most of its class members, for most of us cat sailors really.

The 95% non pro-sailors and

deeply passionate amateurs who, when not sneaking at work to read your website and get their daily dose of cat sailing news, are only dreaming and waiting all week long that their Saturday will please them with just enough wind to take their beauty out, and fly a hull !
The fully committed cat builders like us who are barely making a living out of it, but still, love their job and believe that they have found this little thing that will give them that tiny extra speed...

At the end of the day, you and I, we all want the same thing, exciting and close racing, fast and easy to handle boat while keeping it accessible to all our friends, so we can show them that we are faster. Faster...yes, but not by much, so they can clearly see how quick we are. It is all about getting arguments and witnesses for the chitchat talks around the next drink, isn't it?.

I like to show in this video, as raw and quickly-edited as it is, a realistic view of how it feels being onboard an A Class and how much fun and exhilarating such sailing is already, flying or not..."
Hope you'll enjoy it !!

The Askell Team